We’re proud and grateful to have been selected as one of Saskatchewan’s top employers for the ninth time! Proud to be one of 25 exceptional employers in our home province, and proud of our amazing team of employees. We’re also grateful that we’ve been able to keep our employees safe, supported and connected as we all deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In a challenging year, our staff have really stepped up,” says John Salmond, President and CEO of GMS. “Transitioning to working from home in a very short time, balancing work and family responsibilities, and continuing to function seamlessly as a team to provide our customers with exceptional service.  As an employer, it was more critical than ever for us to be there for our staff, finding ways to help them manage both personal and work lives, communicating regularly about the importance of accessing the counselling benefits, other mental health supports and overall wellbeing assistance available through our staff EFAP benefit, and encouraging staff to take the time to maintain safe social connections with work colleagues.

“There are still challenges ahead in dealing with the pandemic,” Salmond says, “but the resilience and commitment of our staff are enabling us to provide a valued service to our customers in an uncertain time. We’re proud to provide a work environment that supports our employees in living well.”

Mediacorp Canada Inc., operators of one of Canada’s largest job search engines, Eluta.ca, also organizes the annual Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. It recognizes industry leaders across Canada who invest in their employees through competitive compensation and benefits, plus a work culture that helps retain and attract top staff. To read more about Saskatchewan’s top 25 employers for 2021, check out this news release issued by  Mediacorp.