Seven times lucky? Heck no!

Attracting and retaining quality employees is not a matter of luck.

Every year, Mediacorp Canada Inc. recognizes industry leaders across Canada who invest in their employees. That means providing competitive compensation and benefits, plus a work culture that helps retain and attract great staff.

All of us at GMS share a commitment to doing our best, finding ways to do even better, and collaborating to provide exceptional customer service. Our success enables us to give back to our community, by supporting health care and promoting healthy living through corporate donations and staff volunteer time.

So, we’re pretty proud of earning recognition as a 2019 Top Saskatchewan Employer. Kudos to our team of top employees who invest their time and talents to help you feel protected and live well.

Check out the reasons for our selection as a 2019 top Saskatchewan employer on Eluta, Mediacorp Canada’s job search website.