With the increasing number of cases causing the Government to issue a travel advisory for all of China on January 29th, you may have questions about how this affects your coverage. 

Here’s how GMS plans protect you. And some things to keep in mind when it comes to “avoid non-essential travel” and “avoid all travel” advisories, whether it’s for China or any other country. Be sure to refer to your policy for full details and all exclusions and limitations. 

Travel Emergency Medical


  • If you’re in a quarantined area and can’t return to Canada before your plan expires, coverage can be extended. As long as it's before the expiry date. Contact your broker or give us a call. 
  • When an advisory is issued after you leave on a trip, you have coverage. When it’s issued before you depart, you no longer have coverage for the destination.  
  • TravelStar Emergency Medical Plans can be cancelled, or the dates of coverage changed, when an advisory is issued prior to leaving.
TravelStar Trip Cancellation


  • If you purchase a plan before an advisory is issued, you’re eligible to make a claim. In the case of a Multi-Trip Annual plan, you must have purchased the plan and booked the trip before the advisory was issued in order to be eligible to make a claim.
  • Flight cancellations are a covered event. Before making a claim, you’ll need to get any available compensation from the airline. 
Immigrants & Visitors to Canada (VTC)


  • If you need emergency care related to the Coronavirus, you have coverage as long as you meet the eligibility and stability requirements.
  • You can purchase a plan if your country, region, or city is under an advisory. As always, eligibility and stability requirements apply.
  • If you would like to stay in Canada longer, instead of returning to China, your VTC plan can be extended. You will need to answer eligibility questions. Contact your broker or give us a call.  
  • You can purchase a VTC plan after your arrival in Canada, but there is a waiting period before coverage comes into effect. If you’ve been in Canada for less than 30 days, a two-day waiting period applies. If you’ve been in Canada for 30 days or more a seven-day waiting period applies. 

If you have any questions about your GMS coverage or purchasing coverage, please contact us