With winter settling in, it's time to start thinking about your favourite cold-weather activities. Luckily, you've probably saved up some vacation days throughout the year, and now is the perfect time to use them. Here are some tips to use as you start planning your winter vacation:

Think about activities

Considering what kind of activities you and your family would like to participate in while on vacation is a great way to narrow down your search. For example, do you prefer skiing and snowboarding, or would you rather be able to horseback ride and snowshoe? Sit down with the family and create a list of everything people want to do. This way, as you start looking up destinations, you can choose one that fits everyone's wants.

A group of people hiking through the snow. Spend time outdoors at a beautiful winter-weather resort.

Pack smart

Travel packing is always difficult - it's easy to pack too much, and then discover that you still forgot something at home. Avoid this common travel frustration by creating a packing list ahead of time. You should first write down all of your vacation necessities, such as various toiletries, the number of outfits you'll need and extra warm gear. When you know you're going to be doing activities outside in the cold, it is always a good idea to be prepared. It would be wise to get yourself a couple of pairs of thermal pants as well as a long-sleeve thermal shirt. You can wear these garments underneath your regular clothes to stay warm when you trek outside. In addition, if you're going somewhere with a lot of snow, don't forget to pack sunscreen and some sunglasses. You might not be sitting by a beach anytime soon, but the reflective aspect of the ice crystals can burn your skin and hurt your eyes nonetheless.

Get travel insurance

Unfortunately, things rarely go according to plan, which is why it's smart to protect yourself with travel insurance. If you were to unexpectedly cancel your vacation after booking everything, you'd be out of a lot of money. However, with the trip cancellation insurance, you don't have to worry about finances. Another common travel annoyance is lost baggage. Along with being deprived of your clothing, you could potentially lose valuables that were inside your suitcases. Again, insurance can help you recover from this loss.

Choose a destination

After you've discussed what everyone is interested in doing while on vacation, it's time to choose an actual destination. You can find plenty of vacation getaways around the world that offer fun activities and beautiful snowy slopes. Here are some locations to consider when looking into your options: Aspen, Colorado Aspen is a popular destination for people looking to ski and snowboard, but it also has plenty of other activities for those who'd rather not try these winter sports. For example, you could take a snowmobile tour or go ice skating. Whistler, Canada If you're looking for a place that has an activity for everyone, then head to Whistler. Along with some great skiing opportunities, this location offers sleigh rides, ice climbing, dog sledding and more. Nendaz, Switzerland If you're looking to get out of the country for a while and travel to another continent altogether, think about looking at Nendaz, Switzerland. Located in the Four Valleys ski region, this location is popular for skiing, sledding and winter walks.