Running is better with a buddy on board. Whether it’s the next big race or just another run, running with a buddy (or three) has its perks.

Knowing someone else is counting on us is often enough to get us out the door when it’s the last thing we want to do.

“Let’s face it, running can be boring at times. Running with someone else can help you to escape that boredom by being distracted … by focusing on another individual. Having a person to divert you from negative thoughts during your run can help you to forget the bad notions and trudge on through,” according to World’s Marathons. “A running buddy can supply you with the necessary pep talks you might need to stay on track or keep going when you are struggling.”

Six Reasons to Train with a Running Buddy offers a few reasons to run with a buddy. We’ll tell you why we agree with their tips.

  • Motivation - If you want someone to pull you out of bed or to push you to keep on pace, a fellow runner often does the trick.
  • Socializing - Running with a buddy is a bona fide way to socialize and keep you at a good pace. Some running experts say you should still be able to speak when running (take the talk test here) which makes having a partner perfect.

“Adding in a social component to exercise is likely to provide greater stress relief. One study found those who exercise with someone else were more calm and less stressed after exercise than those who exercise alone,” according to “Not only does running with a partner have a physiological benefit, it’s good for mental health as well.”

  • Safety - Training in pairs or packs makes you more visible during darker early mornings or late nights runs. If someone has a medical issue or trips and falls, it’s nice to have someone there to help. 
  • Accountability - You’ve signed up for a race and now it’s time to train. When no one is looking it’s easy to give up, but running with a buddy can hold you accountable for racking up the miles. 
  • Helps you Meet Your Goals  - Researchers behind a study published by the University of Birmingham found working out with a partner better positions you to achieve your running goals because “in terms of adherence to exercise programs in particular, participants benefit most from physical activity when given the opportunity to interact with others.”

“Running with a buddy may push you to run a little harder and faster to get you closer to your goal,” according to

Running with the Right Crowd

Recruit a friend or family member, or join a running group which often has benefits like experience and regular training sessions. Veteran runners are also usually more than happy to give you tips and feedback on how to improve your technique too.

Most communities have running groups open to all levels of runners. The Running Room is a good place to start. They offer a free run club, a virtual run club and useful videos to help you up your game.

Running Buddy on Board and Ready to Run

A marathon may be your goal but with at least six months of training required that entails some serious dedication. Maybe a 5 or 10 k run is more your speed.

The GMS Queen City Marathon runs (see how we did that?) from Sept. 9 to 11, 2022. You can register for in-person and virtual options, and multiple distances are available.

Or if you simply want to run, buddy up for the benefits. At the very least, you’ll likely make some new friends, just in time for International Day of Friendship which is July, 30th, 2022.