World Travel Protection (WTP) officially became the new GMS Travel Assistance provider as of June 28, 2023. WTP is a leading company with an extensive network ready to help travellers in a time of emergency.

Whether you already have an annual travel plan or buy a policy as needed, GMS and WTP have you covered every step of the way if you have a medical emergency while travelling.

The switch over to our new travel assistance provider was smooth and seamless. GMS Travel Assistance phone numbers stayed the same, and as of midnight June 28th, WTP started taking calls to assist GMS customers. We’re thrilled with the top-notch service WTP provides and are eager to introduce them to you.

Meet WTP

For over 30 years, WTP has been helping travelers get the help they need when they need it, quickly and efficiently. WTP has an office in Toronto and operates globally. They're a core partner of the International Assistance Group, which is a group of assistance companies helping travellers everyday all over the world. WTP was recognized as the 2022 International Travel Assistance Company of the Year, winning an award from the International Travel & Health Insurance Journal for excellence and innovation.

From setting up a virtual consultation to arranging emergency transport and treatment, WTP helps travelers get the help they need wherever they are.

WTP’s emergency medical assistance is led by a Chief Medical Officer and a hand-picked team of emergency medical specialists, general medical practitioners, nurses, case managers and claims assessors. 

WTP by the numbers:

  • 24/7/365 help availability
  • 26 languages spoken
  • 1 million+ calls for help each year
  • 30 seconds is their standard to answer a call
  • 80% of calls are answered in 20 seconds.

WTP handles all aspects of travel emergency medical claims, including coordinating with government health plans and other insurance companies. Claims administration is overseen by specialists according to their area of expertise and dedicated claims examiners review every claim. WTP complies with guidelines set by the Canadian Life and Health Insurers Association. Learn more about WTP at