Father’s Day falls in June which also happens to be Men’s Health Month. It’s a perfect time to remind the men in our lives of the importance of taking care of their physical and mental wellness through healthy habits and activity.

It goes without saying that health is one of the greatest gifts to receive. That and time. As we haven’t found a way to buy more time, we’ll focus on the many ways you can help give dad or that special man in your life the gift of health and wellness this Father’s Day.

Studies show 72 per cent of Canadian men have unhealthy habits which leave them vulnerable to chronic conditions and disease. That said, up to 70 per cent of those health problems can be avoided with a healthier lifestyle.

The Don’t Change Much campaign reminds us that it doesn’t take massive shifts to improve health, but a dedicated focus on introducing small but meaningful habits can work.

Tips to Help Dad Get Himself into Top Shape – Mentally and Physically

Here are a few tips to help get dad get started. 

  • Assess where he’s at - First, see how he’s doing with this free online Men’s Health Check that is based on science, designed by doctors and created for men.
  • Take action - Starting from where he’s at, look at how to incorporate meaningful ways to make health and wellness part of his daily life. Rather than buying a gift this Father’s Day, focus on ways to get on track together.
  •  Get moving - Take a walk, bike ride or find an outdoor adventure. It doesn’t have to be super strenuous, just find a way to get out and enjoy one another’s company while getting some physical activity in, too.
  • Spend time together - Humans have long been social creatures. Going way back, living and working as teams helped keep us alive. In modern times, experts say there’s still incredible value in making sure we have social connections. From strengthening us when we endure tough times to preventing mental decline when we are older, having friends and family in our lives is, simply put, good for our health.
  • Make sure he’s getting enough sleep - Giving our bodies enough time to rest and repair is vital. Check in on how he’s doing by looking into these expert tips. You’ll probably learn a thing or two.
  • Get out in the garden - If your he’s  a bona fide green thumb already, you might want to spend some time seeing how his garden grows and maybe hit a garden shop to supplement his crop. If he’s a rookie, there are lots of reasons to add this to a list of healthy pastimes given gardening bolsters everything from reducing stress, to adding vitamin D and, if he’s lucky, producing some healthy food. Speaking of food. 
  • Brush up on healthy eating - In our busy lives, we often reach for food without thinking. To make sure we’re making healthy choices, it’s a good idea to revisit everything from what we eat to how we eat, to properly fuel our bodies.
  • Ask how he’s really doing - Assessing and addressing our mental health has long been associated with stigma. That’s especially the case with males who, in some cases, don’t feel like they’re “real men,” if they delve into their feelings.
  • Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. And many men grapple with mental health issues, with more than a million Canadian males suffering from major depression. You don’t need to be an expert to support someone in this situation. Instead, you can help them find the tools they may need.
  • This Father’s Day, ask the important men in your life how they’re doing. And welcome a real conversation.