Establishing a home fitness routine saves you time and the cost of a gym membership. Unfortunately, the fact that you're at home makes it really easy trade your gym clothes for pajamas and dumbbells for the remote. Here are four tips that will make sticking to a home exercise plan easier:

1. Start small and simple

"Go hard or go home" is a common theme in the fitness world. This idea implies the only effective workout is one that pushes you to your limit, and anything less is holding you from achieving your goals. Unfortunately, it also tends to intimidate people who are just starting their fitness journey. When beginning a home workout routine, keep in mind that simple is best at the beginning. Your muscles aren't used to exercise, and trying to deadlift a 50-pound kettlebell or hold a full kapotasana during yoga is a recipe for injury. Start with exercises or modifications for beginners and work your way up.

2. Make space for exercise

If you don't have a spot in your house specifically for exercise, you'll never develop a home routine. You don't need an entire room - even a corner big enough for a yoga mat is enough space. Stock your fitness area with simple equipment like dumbbells, an exercise ball or resistance bands. Keep this spot free of distractions. Otherwise, your five-minute breaks might devolve into a TV marathon session.

You only need a little room and some basic exercise equipment to develop a home routine.You only need a little room and some basic exercise equipment to develop a home routine.

3. Prepare for the third week

No matter how excited you to start working out regularly, there will come a point where you feel like quitting. Liz Josefsberg, certified personal trainer and former director of brand advocacy for Weight Watchers, told Real Simple this point usually comes around week three.

"Start this journey knowing you're going to be tempted to drop your routine during that 'red flag' time and reward yourself so you'll be inspired to keep going,"

It's even easier to call it quits when you're at home and surrounded by books, TV and a pantry full of snacks. Keep your focus, and try rewarding yourself in ways that reflect your fitness goals. You can buy a new exercise outfit, a juicing machine or treat yourself to a massage.   

4. Track your progress

It's hard to see if your fitness routine is paying off, so Chatelaine advised tracking your progress. That way, you have proof that continuing your home exercise routine is helping you reach goals. You can take pictures to see how your body is changing or record weekly weigh-ins. If you're worried about getting too obsessed with how your body looks, track how exercise affects your mood. Jot down your emotions before and after every workout, and you'll quickly see how exercise makes you feel better.