Frequently Asked Questions aboutPersonal Health Insurance

You’re right, as Canadians we enjoy the benefits of our publicly funded health care system. It covers the basics, such as trips to your family doctor or the emergency room, immunizations, and some treatments for mental health disorders.

Our Personal Health Plans can cover health care costs government health plans don’t. Things such as contacts, dental exams, and massage treatments that help you feel and be your best. And when the unexpected happens, we cover the costs of road and air ambulance, preferred hospital rooms, medical equipment, and more to make sure you get the care you deserve.     

Yes. Everyone with couple or family coverage must have the same benefits.

No. The benefits under our Personal Health Plans are fixed.

Absolutely. They can be added to your Personal Health Coverage at any time, no application required. If you’d like to add prescription drug coverage or Hospital Cash, just fill out a Plan Upgrade Form and send it our way. If you’d like to add dental coverage, just let us or your broker know. We’ll add it to your plan, no paperwork required.

Your policy wording and reasonable and customary limits are available under the Policies & Resources section on the right-hand side of your My GMS account

When you have a minute, let us know about your big move and we’ll update your plan right away. Depending on your new address, an additional premium or a refund may be necessary. We’ll tell you about any differences or changes. If you don’t receive provincial health coverage within three months of your move, please let us know.

If you have an existing medical condition or develop one before you travel, we need to know it won’t cause you any troubles while you’re away from home. We consider a medical condition to be stable if your condition or treatment hasn't changed for a period of time before you travel. See your policy wording for the specifics.

A medical emergency is a disease, illness or injury that could not be predicted and needs immediate medical attention.

You can renew your annual plan in your My GMS account. Click on the Renewals link to see your renewal notice and make your payment. It’s fast, secure and we don’t store your credit card information.

If you want to make changes to your plan or switch to monthly payments, we’re happy to help you over the phone. Give us a call at 1.800.667.3699.