Dental Insurance Plan Coverage

Those pearly whites need a good dental health plan.

Looking for dental benefits? We offer affordable dental coverage for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes as part of our health insurance plans.

Coverage for you or your family Benefits for your employees

We have plans to meet your dental insurance needs

When it comes to getting the best dental care in Canada, we have you covered. Our dental insurance benefits are available with our Individual Health plans (for individuals and families) and Group Health plans (for all sorts of businesses). Get coverage for regular cleanings, x-rays and polishing, and more major services such as dentures, bridges, and crowns. Plus, all our health plans have coverage for unexpected dental emergencies built right in.

Here's what we offer:

Just need dental coverage?

Our Personal Health BasicPlan can start as low as $6.75 per month*. It can be paired with our optional Dental Care coverage to give you the dental benefits you're looking for.
*Prices vary based on age, number of people covered and province of residence.

Interested in a well-rounded individual health plan that includes dental coverage?

With our health plans for individuals and families, you can get covered for a full range of health services not covered by your provincial health plan, including dental.

Want to offer your employees health and dental benefits?

Our Group Health plans are just what you're looking for. From off-the-shelf packages to totally tailored plans, keep your employees smiling with dental coverage.

Why is dental health important?

Good oral health care not only means great teeth. It can also have a positive impact on your overall health. Did you know? Taking good care of your teeth can reduce your risk of disease, cancer and even dementia. Plus, a beautiful smile helps stop bad breath and improves your self-esteem. All good reasons to brush your teeth daily, eat a balanced diet and visit your dentist regularly.

Common questions about dental benefits

Yes, taking care of your teeth is an important part of your overall health. Provincial health coverage doesn’t cover things like routine dental exams or cleanings, not to mention major services like bridges, and crowns. Having a dental insurance plan means you can afford your regular trips to the dentist to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Plus, you’ll have coverage for those less-common dental treatments if you need them.

Yes. The dental coverage available with our Individual and Group insurance plans can cover families or any size.

We sure do. There’s no age limit on the dental coverage that can come with our Individual Health plans. Our dental benefit covers dentures, root canals, fillings and more.

There’s a three-month waiting period for dental coverage under Personal Health plans unless you’re switching from another insurance provider. And when it comes to group benefits, the employer can choose a waiting period (or to not have one) when designing the plan.