Saskatchewan PST applied to insurance premiums is being refunded

On February 26, 2018, the Saskatchewan Government announced that the 6% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) no longer applies to certain types of insurance premiums paid by Saskatchewan residents. The exemption is retroactive to August 1, 2017, the date the tax was first applied. Refunds will be issued to our customers based on the PST collected on the following insurance premiums paid:

  • individual and group health, disability, accident and sickness insurance; and

  • the emergency medical portion of travel insurance.

There will be no refunds on Trip Cancellation Coverage as the Saskatchewan PST continues to apply.

The PST will be refunded or credited to your account by June 30th. Customers that haven't received their refunds by July 16th can call us at 1.800.667.3699.

For Further details, please refer to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Finance Information Notice: Provincial Sales Tax Refunds on Insurance Premiums.


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