Frequently Asked Questions aboutTELUS Health

TELUS Health is an award-winning total wellness program that people love to use. It includes assistance and wellness components geared to help you improve your mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing. Each component includes a wealth of resources and tools so you can be your best and most productive self.

TELUS Health is there whenever you need it. Through the app, by phone, or on your desktop.

TELUS Health can help find support and resources to answer questions related to work, life, health, family, or money. People can contact TELUS Health for any issue, challenge, or concern. Advisors and immediate support counsellors are available by phone 24/7.

Yes. TELUS Health takes the utmost care to protect the identity of anyone who uses the platform. The only exceptions to confidentiality include those governed by law, i.e., they're required to release documents under court subpoena, and have a duty to intervene and report if an advisor or cousellor deems an individual to be at imminent risk of harm to self or others.

The TELUS Health counselling model is short-term and solution-focused, which means that their clinical team will recommend an appropriate counselling plan for the participant on an individual basis, with the goal of helping them address their specific situation. They can access counselling for each challenge or issue that they’re experiencing. In the event that the concern is ongoing in nature, the TELUS Health counsellor will discuss the appropriateness of a referral to a community resource outside the program, and will work with the participant to access this long-term support.

They are highly qualified, and are carefully screened by TELUS Health affiliates to verify their credentials and level of experience. Many of the counsellors have PhDs and MDs; minimally, they’re required to have a Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Educational Counselling, or other related human services field.

Participants can always connect with TELUS Health to request a new counsellor should they feel it is not a good fit with the one provided. They strongly recommend and encourage participants to call before their second appointment, and they’ll proceed with the re-referral process. 

Counselling sessions are not a pre-determined or fixed number when the request for counselling has been initiated by the TELUS Health Care Access Centre (CAC). The number of sessions can be discussed with the participant and counsellor during the first appointment scheduled.

Both. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, counselling sessions are still being offered virtually over phone, and video.

This is at the discretion of the counsellor. Some TELUS Health affiliates may not have their own private practice, therefore the participant would be unable to continue privately. TELUS Health strongly encourages the participant to have this discussion with the counsellor when beginning their sessions.

Yes. Our Client Care Representatives will be able to confirm if that particular counsellor is a TELUS Health provider or associated with the assistance program. If they’re not part of the network, TELUS Health would be happy to refer to a professional who already is. 

Yes, absolutely.