Frequently Asked Questions aboutGroup Insurance Plans

We offer benefits plans to companies with three or more employees.

Absolutely. Our Custom Group Benefits plans, available to groups with 11 or more employees, are customizable to suit your needs. We’ll work closely with you to create a plan that works best for you and your employees. Coverage includes health, dental, drug, employee family assistance, travel, life, accidental death & dismemberment, disability, dependant life and critical illness.

Our Group Advantage plans, available to groups with three to 10 employees, are designed for simple sign-up and consistent rates. We’ve pre-selected most of the benefits, but let you choose between three levels of health and dental coverage. You can also choose to add life and disability benefits to your plan. Travel coverage ends at 80 years of age and health coverage ends when the employee retires. Contact us to discuss your options. 

Plan administrators
Register for an online plan administrator account by completing The Online Administrator Agreement and emailing it to Once you’re registered, it’s easy to perform a variety of tasks online such as:

  • Updating employee information 
  • Adding or removing members/dependants
  • Updating personal information

Plan members
Register for a My GMS account so you can:

  • Submit claims online
  • Review claim payments
  • Update personal information (security and banking information)

Yes. Please let us know, within 31 days, which of your employees have been temporarily laid off. We will update our records and set a follow-up date to return them to employed status.

They sure can. When your employees sign up for a My GMS account on, they can submit and view processed claims and payments, sign up for Claim Direct Deposit, and view their Explanation of Benefits, any time they need to.

We do! Our Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP), provided by Homewood Health, is automatically included in our Group Advantage plans, and can be added to any Custom group plan as well. EFAP provides a wide range of resources, including online information, life coaching and professional counselling to help proactively manage mental and physical health.

If an employee has health or dental coverage through a spouse’s plan, they may waive that portion of the benefits plan.

Contact one of our Regional Sales Directors. They'll help you find the plan right for you and get the application process rolling.