Health Care Spending Accounts (HCSA) are now available with our Group Advantage and Custom Group Plans. Here’s the scoop on how they can enhance your group benefit plan and some detail on how they’ll work.

Why introduce one?

  • Covers expenses outside of your plan benefits
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Addresses the diverse needs of your employees

Employee Benefits

  • Covers out-of-pocket expenses not covered by their benefit package
  • Employees get to choose how to use their HCSA
  • HCSA can cover deductibles and additional expenses when a benefit maximum has been reached

How does it work?
An HCSA covers medical expenses approved by the Canada Revenue Agency and is an option that can be added to a Group Advantage or Custom Group Health plan. If you have an existing GMS group plan, you’ll be able to add an HCSA when your plan renews.

Group Advantage

  • Minimum annual allotment of $250 to maximum of $15,000 per employee

Custom Group

  • Minimum annual allotment of $50 to maximum of $15,000 per employee

You won’t be charged a premium for a HCSA. Since claims are invoiced to the employer, there is only a 10% administration fee. Any taxes are additional and a minimum annual administration fee of $100 per policy year will apply.

Please see the Group Advantage and Custom Group pages for more details, speak to your authorized GMS insurance broker or email us at