Many of us are going through major changes right now.  Whether you’re retiring early, recently unemployed, or no longer covered under your parents plan, GMS is committed to providing you with insurance benefits you can rely on during difficult times.

Effective June 1, our Replacement Health plans will offer both new and existing customers these great new enhancements.:

  • Coverage for a larger selection of prescription drugs. PremierPlan and ChoicePlan customers will now follow our new Prescription Drug List. It’s designed to give coverage for the most effective drugs on the market.
  • A new online Prescription Drug list. Whether you’re shopping for the right coverage, or already have a PremierPlan or ChoicePlan, you can check online to find out if your drugs are covered before you purchase a plan or visit your pharmacy.
  • Increased Prescription Drug benefit maximums: ChoicePlan will increase to $1,250 and PremierPlan will increase to $2,500.

Best of all, we’re providing these enhancements to our Replacement Health plans with no rate changes in 2020.