We may be acting individually, but we’re fighting COVID-19 together.

At GMS, that means 115 plus staff working safely and securely from home. We’re physically isolating for our own safety and the safety of our families, friends and the wider community. But every day we remotely function very much as a team, finding new ways to support our customers across the country in these difficult times.

In collaboration with the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, we’re doing our part to help ensure the continuation of cross-border trade with the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. For group plan members who are truck drivers, we’re continuing out-of-country Emergency Medical coverage uninterrupted as you haul essential goods over the US/Canada border.

We know health insurance is more important now than ever. So, we’ve identified options to help our customers maintain their Personal or Replacement Health Plan as they face financial challenges due to COVID-19. We can help with payment deferrals or changes to coverage, and set the same coverage back up with no waiting periods or medical questions once provincial states of emergency are lifted.

Our Group Health Benefit plan customers may also be dealing with financial impacts to their businesses. We want to help. As a start, we’ve suspended the minimum hours of work required to remain eligible for health and dental benefits. We can also discuss options to extend life and disability benefits for a limited time with reduced hours or layoffs. And we’ve got other possible solutions such as extended grace periods, payment deferrals and suspension of coverage and premiums to consider.

We know some of the decisions you’re facing aren’t easy. And your situation is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a variety of solutions to give you the flexibility you need to make the best choice possible for you, your family and your business.

As our fight against COVID-19 continues, I’m humbled and grateful for everyone on the front lines of this battle. The heroic health care professionals and support staff in our hospitals. All the essential service workers who make our vital supplies of food and medication and fuel available. And the scientists and researchers working feverishly to understand and combat this fearsome adversary.

I’m also extremely thankful for every individual in our society who is committed to frequent handwashing, two-metres of physical distancing and isolating at home. These acts continue to be our best defense against COVID-19, period.

In the days ahead, each of us at GMS will continue to support the broader response to the COVID-19 pandemic with our individual actions. As a team, we will also support and serve our customers with the best possible solutions in difficult times. Together, we will get through this, and return to living well.

President & CEO, John Salmond