Businesses across the country are slowly being allowed to re-open on various dates during the month of May, provided they can serve their customers safely. GMS has been fortunate to continue serving you without interruption through the significant challenges of the past couple of months.

With our staff working safely and securely from home, we’re here to pay your health and wellness claims and help you keep well.

Using your GMS pay direct card at participating providers is so convenient. For immediate claims payment at the point of your health service delivery, whether it’s the pharmacy, dentist, chiropractor or massage therapist, our pay direct card does it all, in real time. No need to be out of pocket.

Visiting us online is another great way to go for prompt, easy service. Sign up for a My GMS Account by clicking on Login/Register at You’ll be able to review your claims history and submit health claims online anytime, 24/7/365. An account also lets you sign-up for claim direct deposit to have your claim payments automatically deposited into your account. It’s the fastest way to go for payments.

We continue to process higher than normal volumes of travel claims, and appreciate the patience of our travel customers. If you’re getting ready to submit a claim, just click the ‘Submit a Claim’ button on our website homepage. We’ve made things easier with step by step instructions to guide you through the travel claims process.

During this time, the safety and health of you our customers, and our employees continues to be our first priority. Period. That’s why we will keep the well-being of everyone in mind and be prudent in deciding when to offer in-person service again at our front counter in Regina. Meanwhile, you can find us online anytime at , and on the phone Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4:30 p.m. CST at 1.800.667.3699.

GMS has over 70 years of being here for our customers. Of giving back to support health care and wellness in our communities. We’re dedicated to helping our customers and our communities balance five key dimensions of wellness – physical, mental, intellectual, social and financial.

In March when the World Health Organization declared the spread of COVID-19 a global pandemic, it became quickly apparent that the measures to stave off transmission via lock down and physical distancing would have far-flung economic impacts. We know our customers, their families and their businesses are under varying and unprecedented levels of strain and we’ve worked hard to help you adjust your plans as needed.

We’re also taking thoughtful steps to ensure you will continue to be well-served in what are likely to be trying times in the months ahead. There are bound to be set backs as re-opening progresses but we are determined to keep our staff well and focused on delivering outstanding customer service.

As we begin to emerge from this phase of the COVID-19 battle, and begin finding our ‘next normal’ we stand steadfast in support of our collective recovery. Our collective health and well-being as a nation. Let’s continue to stay safe and be here for each other.

President & CEO, John Salmond