Summer is a busy time filled with parties, beach trips and outdoor family activities. After such a hectic season, sometimes a mom needs a little me-time. Even a 48-hour vacation can provide just the right pick-me-up.

As summer draws to a close, moms everywhere look forward to the start of a new school year. But this season can also seem a little bit daunting with all the organization (and chaos) required to get your children ready for the classroom and fall activities. A quick getaway to decompress and rally for the new season can be a perfect way for moms to end the summer.

Here are some tips for planning your very own mini-break:

Connect with Old Friends
Embrace this opportunity to get back in touch with an old friend or three. Call around and reconnect with your posse – who's up for a weekend away? Being kid-free could be your chance to stay up late talking, sleep late the next day, and nourish the friendships all women need to stay healthy and happy. 

Driver Picks the Music
Pick a spot on the map within driving distance: preferably a town with a decent hotel, some great eateries, and maybe a museum or two. Then pack a bag and toss it in the car. It doesn't have to be far. You can share driving duty and sing all the songs you remember from summer camp as kids. Don't forget to take pictures and mug for the camera – these memories are important.

Bucket List
Find something none of you have ever done and make a plan. Book a painting class, sign up for a group trail ride, or make a grown-up visit to a theme park and ride the highest roller coaster. No matter what you choose to do, just make sure it's not part of your usual routine.

Hit the Beach or Take a Hike
Whether your go-to is the mountains or the shore, being outside can be a great way to unplug, unwind and reset. Plan a few days of sun and fun for a great getaway that you'll want to revisit every year. You can relax on the beach or get some exercise on a hike.

Women sitting on beach sandWhen you need time to relax and reflect, the beach is a wonderful place to do just that.

Leave on a Jet Plane
If you can find the right deal, a quick getaway to a new location might be even better than a road trip. Check online sites for roundtrip deals, and don't be afraid to be impulsive. (Also don't forget travel insurance!)

Hotel and Chill
Maybe you don't feel like getting out of bed before noon, and room service sounds like the best thing you ever heard of. Pick a nice hotel with fluffy bathrobes, a spa, and free Wi-Fi, then pack your laptop and your comfiest jammies. You can even catch up on all the Netflix that was missed this summer. There's always something new to watch.

Princess for a Weekend
Get pampered like a royal by booking yourself in at the spa for the works – a mani-pedi, hot stone massage, and some one-on-one time with cucumber slices and a mud mask. Don't forget your earbuds for soothing music, and a fresh fruit smoothie to pack in those antioxidants. You'll return home rejuvenated in more ways than one.

Commune with Nature
If you don't care to rough it, enjoy Canada's great outdoors with a more homey feel via the oTENTik experience. Part tent, part rustic cabin - it's an experience you'll remember for years to come.

"Enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie to pack in those antioxidants."

Table for One, Please
If you're a mom, odds are you've made many a meal out of your kids' rejects. While half-eaten chicken nuggets and the remains of the mac and cheese still left in the pan are an option, a solo vacation is the perfect time to try new foods without worrying if the rest of the family will like it or not. Spend a weekend checking out an out-of-the-way bistro, splurge on a five-course meal (you can box up half for later), and experiment with that lime and avocado sorbet.

Shop 'Till You Drop 
Moms go above and beyond making sure their significant others and children have everything they need. Make a short list of things you've denied yourself and spend your weekend heading to various shopping destinations. You can shop all day, crash at a luxe hotel, eat a nice dinner, and return in the morning. Treat yourself - you deserve it.

Whether you opt for a multi-mom adventure or a solitary break from your everyday routine, taking a mini-break can help you find your balance and prep your mind, body and soul for the next phase of mom life. Just remember to have fun, set your phone to silent, pack light and don't count calories. It's a mom mini-break, and it's all about you.