Springtime means more sunlight and waving a slow goodbye to winter, but your kids are probably most excited about getting away from school. In fact, spring break is the perfect time to reconnect as a family and just have fun! If you waited a little long to plan a week of group activities, it's not too late. Here are some last-minute ideas to enjoy with your kids:

Volunteer together

Charity organizations can always use a helping hand, so use your kids' time off to give back to your community. Start by determining what causes your family values most, whether it's helping the poor, protecting the environment or caring for animals that don't have a home. Then, search for reputable charity organizations near you. Most require you to fill out a few forms, so make sure you do that ahead of time or arrive early on the day you're scheduled to volunteer. Then, help out and have fun! 

Make the day an educational one by teaching your kids more about the particular cause you chose and why your work matters. Getting kids involved in volunteerism can teach empathy and compassion, and set them up for a life of serving others.

Person feeding baby puppy with bottle.Volunteering can teach your kids compassion and empathy.

Travel to slow areas

Tropical destinations are all the rage during spring break - this time of year is still cold in the north, after all. However, such attractive locales require planning to avoid high costs. Instead, travel to cooler climates or less-popular areas to ensure you'll get a seat on the plane and a bed in a hotel. Not only will you save some money and get a place to stay, but you'll also avoid the usual spring-break crowds. 

Check out cities outside of where you live that you've been dreaming of taking your family to, and plan plenty of activities to complete while you're there.

Enjoy a staycation

Even booking trips to slow areas can be tricky last minute, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Staycations let you become a tourist in your home city without the cost of airfare or gas. Find a hotel near you and stay there with your family. The money you save can go to other areas, such as dining and entertainment. Research museums, sports games, theater shows, etc., you've been meaning to check out and add those to your itinerary. 

Learn something new

While your kids might see "learning" as a synonym for "school," it can be fun. This spring break, take a class as a family that everyone will enjoy. For teens, a cooking class could be ideal - they'll learn a new skill while being able to eat! Kids might enjoy a hands-on science experiment at a nearby museum. Art and fitness classes (like martial arts, yoga or tumbling) are appropriate for all ages, just make sure you choose a course designed for your children's age group or skill level. Who knows? You might even find a new long-term hobby!