The holidays are a threat to any diet and exercise routine. It seems every dish is full of fat, sugar and carbohydrates, and betting buying gifts and attending parties, there's barely any time to get in a workout. It's okay to indulge during the Christmas season, but here are some recipes for those who want to stick to their diet:

Turkey with garlic and sage
​If you're a traditionalist, it's just not Christmas dinner without the turkey. Cooking Light provided  a turkey recipe full of flavor, so you won't have to jazz your plate up with calorie-rich dressing and stuffing.

Harvest stuffing
Of course, no one can blame you for wanting stuffing during the holiday. Thankfully, Martha Stewart has a healthy alternative full of fresh vegetables, nuts and herbs. She also recommended using whole-wheat Italian bread instead of traditional white bread for a nutritious twist.

Pork with roasted veggies
For a main dish, check out this deliciously savory pork recipe from Food & Wine. The mustard, lemon zest, thyme, pepper and low-sodium broth are great for adding flavor without adding salt.

Green bean casserole without the fat
According to the Food Network, this dish has 60 percent fewer calories and 80 percent less fat than a traditional green bean casserole. Swap the cream of mushroom soup for olive oil, unsalted butter and fresh mushrooms instead. 

This green bean casserole has less fat and fewer calories.This green bean casserole has less fat and fewer calories.

Roasted sweet potatoes
This side dish courtesy of Eating Well is not only healthier than the traditional candied yams, it's also a lot easier to make. Cut back on the butter and switch out the white sugar for antioxidant-rich maple syrup.

Baked apples
Creating your own desserts is a great way to provide a sweet treat without consuming high-fructose corn syrup. This recipe from Canadian Living combines apples, brown sugar and cinnamon for a naturally healthy dish. Add candied nuts and Greek yogurt or fat-free vanilla ice cream for a fun mix of flavor and texture.

Christmas popcorn
The BBC offered up this great popcorn recipe that's sweet as Christmas cookies but with calories. Drizzle plain popcorn with a bit of cocoa, ginger, orange zest and honey to keep you and your family satisfied until dinner.

Chocolate turtles
This treat from Canadian food blogger The Healthy Maven swaps sugar-rich caramel for a healthier alternative. Create your own by mixing coconut oil, vanilla extract and dates for natural sweetness. Swap out the traditional chocolate for dairy-free chocolate chips and you have a clean, vegan dessert for any sweet tooth.