Love is in the air and romance is in bloom as we get closer to every hopeless romantic’s favourite holiday on February 14th. But Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for couples; it can be a fun way for the whole family to spend time together and celebrate love and friendship. We’ve put together a list of great ways that you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day together as a family.

Bond together over Valentine’s Dinner
They say the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, so why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with some great food? Get the whole family involved! If you have kids, let them help with the menu and give everyone in the family a dish to make. If cooking isn’t a match made in heaven, support local restaurants in your community by ordering in. Many have Valentine’s Day specials and you can still get everyone involved by letting each person pick their dish.

Binge a Valentine’s Day Movie Marathon
You may not be able to go to a movie theatre, but thanks to the luxury of streaming services, we can enjoy an at-home movie marathon – and it’s a great way to spend Valentine’s Day as a family! It doesn’t just have to be the sappy romance flicks either; there are lots of valentine’s day movies for kids. Here are a few suggestions:

Deck the Halls in Pink and Red
Since we’re spending more time at home, decorating your house is a fun way to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Take a trip to your local dollar store and let the whole family pick out some decorations for the house. If your family is a little more DIY, try getting crafty with some home-made decorations! Here are some we like that you could try:

Valentine’s Day Baking
We all know that one of the best parts of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate and candy. Of course, there’s no shortage of treats you can buy, but a fun thing to do is to go DIY – it’s great for your mental health too! Baking is something that your kids can help with and will enjoy eating too. Here are a few fun recipes:

Create Your Own Homemade Valentines
Remember getting Valentines from your friends at school growing up? It was the best. For many kids this year, they won’t be able to participate in the usual card exchange in class. That doesn’t mean you can’t still deliver some Valentines! Create some DIY ones with the whole family this year and drop them off (following COVID-19 health guidelines) for neighbours, friends and family. It may even start a fun tradition you can keep doing each year. Here are a few ways to create homemade Valentines:

Have A Valentines-Themed Game Night
If you want a more interactive night than watching movies, playing games is a great way to spend time with loved ones on Valentine’s Day. There are lots of Valentine’s themed games like word scrambles, charades or Heads Up. Or if want to play with people you can’t see in person, there are also lots of online games the whole family can play on Zoom.

Have Fun Outside
We’ve all been pretty cooped up for the last few months, so why not show some love to the great outdoors this Valentine’s Day! If you’re able to do so while following COVID-19 health guidelines, find a local skating rink or fire pit to visit and take some hot chocolate with you. Choose a hike or walking trail in your area that the whole family could enjoy together. Even though it’s a chilly time of year in Canada, if you bundle up Valentine’s Day outside can become a fun new tradition.

Whether you’re celebrating with flowers, candy, cards or all of the above, we hope these activities can bring the family together to celebrate the best thing about the holiday – love.