Canadians are obsessed with coffee, especially if they can get it from places like Tim Hortons. As CBC News reported, research from Euromonitor found Canadians drink more coffee from restaurants and cafes than any other group of people in the world. When combined with the amount consumed in the home, the average Canadian drank 152 liters in 2015, putting the country in third place overall. 

Canadians love their coffee, but the drink has some negative side effects.Canadians love their coffee, but the drink has some side effects.

A cup of coffee does have its health benefits. According to the AARP, researchers found a cup of Joe reduces the risk of suffering a stroke, certain cancers, and brain diseases like Parkinson's and dementia. However, too much coffee can cause high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia. It can also interact negatively with certain medications and interfere with blood sugar levels. Plus, caffeine is addictive, and many people don't like the headaches and irritability that occur when they miss their morning cup. If you want to reduce your caffeine consumption, alleviate coffee-related stomach problems or just want a different morning ritual, try the alternatives below:

For years, people have switched to tea for a morning energy boost that isn't as intense as coffee. While certain cups of black tea have a similar caffeine content to a cup of Joe, tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine. This compound relaxes the mind, so tea drinkers don't get the same caffeine-induced jitteriness as their coffee-swilling peers. In addition, according to Adagio Teas, the drink's antioxidants reduce the rate at which your body absorbs caffeine. Instead of receiving an energy spike and crashing a few hours later, your alertness gradually increases and you stay working for longer.

Not all teas contain the same amount of caffeine, but steeping the leaves longer produces more of the drug as well as a stronger flavor. Many people choose to start their day with a black tea like earl grey, English breakfast or masala chai. 

Tea gives you an energy boost without the crash.Tea gives you an energy boost without the crash.

Yerba mate
When consumed in moderation, this green South American favourite provides numerous health benefits, including increased focus, alertness and concentration. It also includes a ton of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Like tea, yerba mate gradually raises your energy so you don't crash later on. According to Fit Day, the drink also improves your metabolism, giving you more energy from each meal. Take care not to consume too much, however. According to the Los Angeles Times, people who drink more than a liter per day are at a greater risk of throat, mouth and lung cancers.

While smoothies aren't known for their caffeine content, they do cram a ton of nutrients into a delicious beverage so you can get your day started off right. Throw some fruit and oats into a blender along with any other goodies you like - cinnamon, yogurt and almonds are just a few possibilities. If your tiredness stems from hypoglycemia, Shape recommended using a nut-based milk, butter or protein powder as a primary ingredient to elevate your blood sugar.

Getting your heart rate up first thing in the morning gives you an energy boost that lasts the bulk of your day. It's an efficient way to wake your brain up, boosting your mood and problem-solving skills. Working out in the morning also leads to making healthier choices throughout the day, and a little exercise jumpstarts your metabolism. What's more, getting your workout over with early means you won't have to do it after work when the gym is crowded and you're ready to head home.