Heading to Canada? Boy are you in for a treat! This country has plenty of amazing things to offer, no matter what you're in the mood for. Here are a couple of ideas for adventures:

If you're an outdoors person ...

When it comes to the great outdoors, Canada is pretty much at the top of everyone's list. From enormous parks, to lakes, to Niagara Falls, there's plenty to see all over the country. For instance, head to the province of Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada. At the Bay of Fundy, you can kayak some of the highest tides in the world. During your route, you can even get the perfect look at the legendary Three Sisters peaks, in addition to other majestic geographical features. There are plenty of different kinds of kayak adventurous to choose between, from a one-day to a two-day or even three. These trips include tasty meals (fresh seafood) and an endless amount of opportunities to make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

"Food is a huge part of Canadian culture."

For the foodies

Let's get real, if you're heading to a new place, you are going to want to try the best food available. When it comes to restaurants in Canada, there are plenty of mouthwatering dishes to choose from. For example, take Schwartz's Deli in Montreal. This place is known for its smoked meats that nearly melt in your mouth. If you're heading to this area, you must try this restaurant. It may look small, but its meat sure packs a punch. The secret? It's marinated a lot longer than meats prepared in the U.S. You may have tried poutine at your local brunch restaurant, but odds are it doesn't hold a candle to kind that originated in Quebec. Made with french fries, cheese curds and a delicious gravy, this meal is a Canadian tradition you must try. Have your taste buds go on an adventure of their own!

Dive into culture

Canada boasts over 2,500 museums throughout the entire country. If you're looking to learn more about cultural topics, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. Fancy yourself a history buff? The Canadian Museum of History is Canada's most-visited museum of the bunch (and with good reason!). It's said to be the country's most comprehensive exhibit of Canada's history with four floors of dinosaurs, gems, insects, deep-sea creatures, mammals and much more. Plus, the establishment is always changing the exhibits, so even if you're been before, you are sure to see and learn something new.

Helpful tips

Regardless of where in Canada you're traveling, it's important that you get traveler's insurance. Trip-cancelation insurance can save you time and money if you have to end it early for an emergency. Keep in mind that you can't get your hands on any of these adventures unless you have a passport. Ever since 2007, all visitors need a passport book or card to get into the country. Make sure you have yours with you (and it's up to date) so the fun doesn't get cut short.