People who live a healthy lifestyle are often the hardest to shop for during the holidays. Gourmet cakes and fancy bottles of wine are out, and they might not want a tablet that encourages them to sit inside all day. Consider these eight gift ideas that will delight the healthy eaters and fitness fanatics in your life:

1. Vegetables delivered to their doorstep
Practically every major city has one or more farm-to-door delivery services. These companies partner with local farmers to deliver a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to homes on a weekly basis. Sign your friend up for a three-week trial to spare them a trip to the grocery store.

2. Kitchen herbs
Fresh herbs improve any dish and make a great gift for healthy chefs. Don't worry about friends without a green thumb - many herbs need only a little bit of water and sunlight. Place the herbs in a pot with holes on the bottom so the soil drains properly and the plant doesn't die of root rot.

Fresh herbs make any dish tastier.Fresh herbs make any meal tastier.

3. A cutting board
A good surface is essential for any friend who wants to cook more meals at home. Bamboo is a great choice for environmentally friendly loved ones, but according to The Kitchn, it's harder than wood options and thus rougher on knives. Quality beech or maple cutting boards, meanwhile, have self-healing properties. Plastic is the most budget-friendly choice, but serious health addicts won't like the fact that it's harder to disinfect. Plus, tiny bits of plastic can end up in the food.

4. A vegetable spiralizer
These nifty tools turn vegetables like zucchini and rutabagas into the perfect noodle substitutes for pasta dishes. They're easier to use than a mandolin and provide a great way to enjoy the taste of fettucine Alfredo without the calories. Plus, as the Los Angeles Times pointed out, your friend can use a spiralizer for unconventional vegetables, including beets and onions. Though too flavourful to substitute for most noodle dishes, these options make a beautifully decorative addition

5. A sport watch
If a fitness tracker is a little too high tech - or too pricey - a sport watch is a great alternative. Choose a water-resistant model with large numbers visible at a glance. Blain Moore, a running coach certified by the Road Runners Club of America, also advised checking the size and positions of the buttons before buying your gift. A watch that's hard to operate won't be much use in the middle of a run.

A sports watch is a great alternative to an expensive, high-tech fitness tracker.A sport watch is a great alternative to an expensive, high-tech fitness tracker.

6. A foam roller
Foam rollers feel good on the muscles and back, and they offer a wide variety of health benefits. According to Muscle & Fitness, they increase blood flow throughout the body, prevent injury, assist with recovery from injury and help people achieve a greater range of motion. It's best to foam roll before and after working out so your muscles can prepare for physical activity and transition back to rest mode. If your friend is pressed for time, however, rolling as part of a warm up is more beneficial than as part of a cool-down routine.

7. A large, stylish bag
No one wants to pair their office outfit with a bulky, ugly gym bag, so give your friend something fashionable. Choose a bag that's large enough to carry gym clothes, sneakers and essentials for work or school. Also, make sure it's waterproof yet washable so it doesn't absorb sweat or smells.

A backpack with a water bottle holder will come in handy - not only will your friend stay hydrated, but their shoulder won't be compromised by a large, heavy tote that keeps all its weight on one side of the body. Keep things stylish by looking for a backpack with a sleek design or a cute pattern.

8. Wireless headphones
Few things are more frustrating than snagging your headphones on your hand and yanking them out of your music player in the middle of a cardio session. Not only does the interruption pull you out of your fitness groove, but now you have to spend five minutes untangling the mess. Help your friend avoid this nuisance with a pair of sweat proof, wireless headphones.