A bouquet of red roses and a fancy dinner are standard Valentine's Day fare, but they're not the only ways to celebrate the holiday. A little creative thinking can take your Valentine's Day festivities from cliche to imaginative. Here are 10 nontraditional Valentine's Day ideas:

1. Go on your first date again
Recreate your starry-eyed first date for Valentine's Day. Whether you gazed into each other's eyes at a pizza parlor, had a picnic in the park or held hands at the movies, going on your first date again is a fun way to celebrate your love. An as an added bonus, you won't have to worry about any awkward moments or whether you should lean in for a goodnight kiss! 

2. Gaze at the stars 
Staring up into space, at the billions of stars overhead, can help you feel even more thankful for finding your sweetheart in this great big universe. Weather permitting, you could bundle up, bring some hot cocoa and a blanket and find a cozy spot outdoors where you can stargaze together. If it's too chilly out for that, head to your local science museum instead and snuggle up while watching a planetarium show. 

dateRecreate your first date on Valentine's Day.

3. Rent a dream car
Rev up your Valentine's Day celebrations by renting your SO's dream car. Lifehack suggests dressing to the nines and then driving the luxury car around town to live like a celebrity couple for the day. 

4. Volunteer 
Help others feel loved on Valentine's Day by volunteering with your sweetheart. You could volunteer at a food bank, homeless shelter, animal rescue centre or nursing home, or at another organization in need in your local community. Volunteering together can strengthen your bond with your partner while making someone else's day brighter. 

5. Have a radio night 
This creative idea comes from Marie Claire magazine. Have some retro-inspired fun on Valentine's Day by listening to an old-fashioned radio program at night. Set the lights low, enjoy some chocolate-covered strawberries and cozy up together under a blanket while you listen to a program. The magazine mentions that RadioLovers.com has tons of vintage radio shows available to choose from, free of charge. 

5. Go to a dinner show 
Dinner and a show is a standard Valentine's Day date, but why not combine them to shake things up? See a play or musical at a dinner theater where you can eat a delicious meal while taking in a fantastic live performance. 

6. Hit the road 
Going on a road trip with a special someone has a romantic, old-school appeal. Grab the finest collection of snacks you can gather, create the perfect playlist and then hit the road together the morning of Feb. 14. Stop at whatever cool sights you see along the way, like landmarks, museums or quirky roadside stands. Cap off your trip with a stay in a romantic hotel or cabin and treat yourselves to room service. 

skateIce skating can be incredibly romantic.

7. Have a staycation 
If work schedules mean you can't take a trip on Valentine's Day, have a staycation at home. Transform your home into a luxurious hotel suite to pamper your loved one after they arrive home from the office. Light candles, play calming music and have a fluffy white robe ready for your loved one to change into. Have them relax while you prepare them a delicious homemade dinner, then snuggle up and watch your favorite movie together. 

8. Go on a bookstore date 
Feel inspired by the endless stories of love and romance contained in literature by going on a creative bookstore date. Head to your favorite local shop, and then pick out books for each other to read. Bring your choices to a coffee shop and enjoy your new reads and each other's company over a decadent latte and a plate of sweets. 

9. Ice skate 
Ice skating can be an incredibly romantic activity. Just think about it - you're snuggled up to your partner, arms interlocked as you try not to fall! After your skate session, warm up with some hot cocoa or cider. 

10. Learn to dance 
Move to the music together on Valentine's Day by taking a dance class. Salsa, tango, swing, the waltz - there are so many different styles to choose from you're sure to find one that suits both your tastes! 

Any of the 10 tips above will put a smile on your special someone's face this Valentine's Day!