Travel Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements. When applying for coverage for a child under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must declare on the dependant’s behalf that the child also meets eligiblity requirements— regardless of whether a premium is charged for the child or not.


GMS will cover emergency medical expenses for pre-existing conditions that have been stable for a minimum of 180 days prior to travelling. You must be stable based on the definition of stable in the policy, regardless of the opinion of your physician or any other person who may provide an opinion on your medical condition(s).


If any changes occur in your health, it’s important to review the policy in order to understand what makes a condition stable (see the definition of stable and the exclusions in the policy). Someone with a long-term condition who has experienced a deterioration of their condition or has had their medical treatment changed, including the introduction of a new medication within 180 days prior to travel, will not be covered for the condition as it doesn’t meet our definition of a stable condition. With the exception of some specified medications, even a change in prescription medication (see our definition of alteration in the policy) may deem the related condition unstable and therefore the condition and any related medical treatment would not be covered.


A Single-Trip Plan purchased for the purpose of topping up another insurer’s policy requires pre-existing conditions to be stable for 180 days prior to the effective date of the top-up plan, not your departure date. This will exclude any conditions that may have occurred between the date you started your travels and when the top-up plan goes into effect.


When topping up an existing GMS product, the applicable stability period is the one listed in the GMS product the TravelStar plan is topping up Depending on the existing GMS product you have, you may receive the benefit of a shorter stability period.


GMS has no age restriction for an applicant purchasing a TravelStar Single-Trip Emergency Medical Plan or a Trip Cancellation & Interruption Plan. The applicant must meet the eligibility requirements, and those 60 and older must also complete a medical questionnaire to ensure the right premium rate is applied.

For a TravelStar Multi-Trip Annual Emergency Medical Plan, applicants must be 79 or younger at the time of application. Although an applicant may purchase a plan up to six months in advance of the effective date, an applicant must not turn 80 prior to the effective date chosen in order to be eligible. An individual applying for a Multi-Trip Annual Plan must also meet the eligibility requirements. Applicants 60-79 must complete a medical questionnaire to ensure the right premium rate is applied.


To ensure the right rate is charged based on an individual’s health at the time that they apply for coverage, GMS applies several rate categories. Your medical history will determine whether you are charged a Star, Select, Select+, Standard or Standard+ rate. This enables us to continue to offer competitive travel rates


We know travelling as a family can be expensive, that’s why GMS offers up to 6 dependent children under the age of 16 to be insured for free when travelling with an adult purchasing a TravelStar Single-Trip plan, regardless of trip length.


You must notify GMS of any changes in your health which occur after the date you've applied for coverage and prior to the date coverage is effective. A change in your health may affect your eligibility for coverage or require a different premium rate. Even if it is determined the change in health does not affect either of these, it will still constitute a change in stability and may limit the available coverage.

You can contact us to determine how any change in your health may affect your coverage.

TravelStar Emergency Medical Coverage FAQ’s


To be eligible to buy coverage you must first contact your provincial health plan office and receive permission to be out of province for an extended trip, ensuring that your provincial health coverage will be continued while you are away. If permission is granted you may be eligible to purchase a TravelStar plan. You must submit a paper TravelStar Application Form advising GMS of the purpose of your extended trip and answer the medical questions and the medical review sections in the application, regardless of your age. Please note that purchasing for an extended trip (more than 182 days), a $0 deductible is not offered. To determine a rate, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a quote. Coverage is then subject to GMS’ review and approval.


Online applications are approved at the time of application. For situations where it’s necessary to complete a paper application, it should be faxed (306.525.6360) or scanned and emailed ( We’ll review the application once it’s received and will contact you directly if there are any questions. The original paper application and premium should then be submitted to GMS head office.


For most work travel, coverage is provided for emergency medical conditions that are not related to the work you are travelling for. Work-related injuries or medical emergencies would not be covered, as these claims are the jurisdiction of the employer’s insurance plan (typically a Worker’s Compensation Board).

TravelStar medical emergency coverage is not offered if work travel is for service in the armed forces, an occupation where there is willful exposure to peril, work within a hazardous occupation or mission and/or relief work regardless of whether the medical emergency is related to the work.


The effective date of the top-up plan is the day following the expiry of your travel coverage under your Personal Health Plan. You can then choose the return date based on when you arrive in Canada or your province of residence. Note: early return refunds may only be requested upon your return to your province of residence.


You can purchase a Single-Trip Plan to top-up an existing GMS plan either before or after your departure, as long as the purchase is made prior to the existing GMS plan expiring. For a plan other than a GMS plan, a top-up must be purchased before you depart.


To determine the rate for the top-up plan, apply the daily rate based on the total trip length not the top up period.

For example, you have a 15-day Multi-Trip Annual Plan and you are purchasing 10 additional days because your trip is 25 days in total, the rate applied for the top-up is based on a 25-day trip, not a 10-day trip. This daily rate is then multiplied by the 10 additional days being purchased to calculate the premium. A minimum fee of $20 will apply when purchasing top-up days for a non-GMS plan.


In the event GMS Travel Assistance is not contacted within 24 hours of hospitalization, any eligible claims may be limited to 70% of the expenses incurred, up to a maximum of $50,000.


We will cover you during the medical emergency, which may include a post-treatment follow-up visit however, ongoing and continuing medical care is not covered. If you have any questions, please give us a call.


If you are hospitalized for a covered medical emergency on the last day of coverage, or you continue to be hospitalized after your scheduled return date, GMS will continue to cover you and the travel companions listed on the TravelStar Application until you are stabilized and discharged from the hospital or air evacuated back to your province of residence. Once discharged from the hospital, the coverage period is extended an additional 72 hours after discharge to allow you and your travel companions to return home.


We understand unexpected events can delay you from returning home as scheduled. In such cases, we will automatically extend your coverage for up to 72 hours,at no additional cost, when such a delay is caused by a :

  • medical condition that deems you unfit to travel;
  • common carrier; or
  • private automobile that was the result of a mechanical breakdown, a road closure or a motor vehicle accident.


This will allow you to deal with the unexpected event without worry.

You will be required to provide proof of the delay at the time of a claim, should one occur during the 72-hour period.


We understand that even when you are away on vacation or on a business trip, events may occur that require an unexpected return home. When this happens, we offer a coverage continuation benefit that will continue your TravelStar Coverage after you return to your destination without the need to re-appy for coverage, provided you prior to the original return date. You must advise GMS if you had any medical treatment and/or medical consultation during your return trip home.

There is no additional cost for this benefit and no need to re-apply. Coverage continuation does not cover the cost associated with your transportation home or back to your trip destination and does not provide a refund for any unused days of coverage.


Yes, provided that you have not incurred a claim or required medical treatment or medical consultation during your trip.. The request must be received two days prior to the expiry of the policy to be extended and must not exceed the maximum number of allowable days under your government health plan.


Emergency medical coverage can be purchased quickly for groups of five-35 people, 59 years of age or younger who are travelling for 21 days or less. The TravelStar Group Application Form applies rates based on the applicant’s age.

All applicants must meet the eligibility requirements to be included on the group application.


GMS wants to be aware of any falls that result from unknown causes or result in a injury severe enough that you are admitted for an overnight stay of one or more nights in the hospital for either observation or for treatment of the resulting injuries.

In the scenario provided you would indicate that you have not been hospitalized for a fall as you were treated and released within a few hours of the injury.

TravelStar Trip Cancellation FAQ’s


Anyone who is a Canadian resident may purchase GMS Trip Cancellation Coverage for any destination where no travel warnings to avoid non-essential or all travel are in effect. Trip Cancellation Coverage must be purchased:

  • prior to departing for the trip to be insured;
  • within seven business days of non-refundable payments, including deposits; and
  • prior to cancellation penalties being imposed.

For trip values of $12,000 or more, a client must also meet the TravelStar Emergency Medical Coverage eligibility requirements.


As telecommuting and self-employment become more and more popular, business travel becomes more common. A GMS Multi-Trip Annual Plan is perfect for the frequent traveller. It provides options to purchase coverage for trip values of $1,500, $2,500 and $5,000 for trips booked and taken within the policy period.

If you bundle Trip Cancellation & Interruption Coverage TravelStar Emergency Medical Coverage, you’ll get a discount. Refer to the TravelStar Brochure for details.

You can purchase complete protection by adding TravelStar Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay Coverage. This will provide you with business travel protection for an entire policy year.


When you experience an insured risk that causes your trip to be cancelled, there are a couple of key things you should keep in mind.

Where a trip is non-refundable, you should consult with GMS prior to contacting your travel supplier to cancel the trip. For full or partially refundable trips you must cancel the trip with the travel supplier on the day or next business day of the occurrence of the covered risk. Confirmation of the cancellation must be submitted with your claim.

Clients must also include the following with their claim:

  • original itinerary and statement of payment;
  • the refund policy of the travel supplier; and
  • documentation of any refunds received

Reimbursement will not be provided for trips booked through the redemption of any reward points or if a credit is accepted by you from the travel supplier for future travel.


In provinces with HST, yes (like Ontario & Manitoba).


You must complete a Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Claim Form and provide appropriate supporting documentation including, but not limited to ,the reverse side of the claim form completed by the treating physician supporting the cause of the cancellation; a diagnosis; date the medical condition was known and the medical necessity of cancelling, delaying or interrupting the trip; detailed invoices; unused tickets and travel statements; and any other documentation deemed necessary to substantiate the claim.

TravelStar Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay Coverage FAQ’s


Benefits for Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay are payable to a maximum of $500 per item/set A Coverage Enhancement to increase the maximum to $1,500 per person per trip is available for purchase.


The maximum amount payable on any one set of items is its replacement cost to a maximum of $500. Where a Baggage Loss, Damage & Delay Coverage Enhancement for sporting goods was purchased, the total amount payable will be the replacement cost up to $2,000 for the specifically described sporting goods. Similar coverage may be purchased for computer equipment or if you have other items valued in excess of $500, you may choose to increase the per item limit to $1,500 for any number of defined and specified items at an additional premium.