Frequently Asked Questions

Side-trip Coverage under an Immigrants and Visitors to Canada Policy

Your plan won’t be cancelled as long as you’re meeting the other requirements for side trip coverage listed below. You will not be covered for any days over the 30-day side trip limit though.

  • The total number of days you’re outside Canada on side trips can’t be more than 50% of the total days of coverage you purchased. For example, if you purchased coverage for a 40-day trip to Canada, the total number of days you can be outside of Canada on side trips is 20 days.
  • Canada must be your departure and return point for all side trips.
  • Side-trips can’t be to your country of origin.

Unfortunately that’s not an option. The maximum is 30 days per side trip. If you stay outside Canada longer than 30 days, you would not be covered during those extra days. Once you return to Canada your coverage would continue.

If you’re over the 30-day limit, you won’t have coverage for any medical services or continuing care provided outside Canada. When you return to Canada any follow-up treatment or treatment for a recurrence of the condition will not be covered.